How IoT-Based Farming is Boosting Profits for Farmers

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Why IoT based farming will boost profits for farmers

The IoT-based farming market, or connected agriculture market is growing by leaps and bounds each year. It’s predicted to grow by $3.63 billion from 2021 to 2026. The lion’s share of this growth will be distributed in North America (26%); US and Canada being the key markets.

This doesn’t just mean more profits; it also means better and more nutritious food, and greater benefits for farmers. This Agriculture Day in Canada let’s celebrate IoT-based farming and the benefits it will bring farmers and everyday citizens.

Benefits of IoT-Based Farming for Agriculture

Benefits of IoT applications for farmers
Tractor harvesting crops

The benefits that IoT brings to farming are not all clear to us since the full implementation is ways away. However, with the still limited adoption of IoT into farming in Canada, here are the benefits we’re seeing.

Greater Efficiency

IoT systems are allowing farmers to grow more product in deteriorating soil. This is due to the information they’re able to get in real time. Soil quality, humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc. are all pertinent to crop growth.

With this real-time information, it’s easier for farmers to get actionable insights. That enables them to take action more readily and to avoid losses. Along with greater efficiency, there is greater space for demand-based farming. Demand-based fertilization and irrigation can be justified by leveraging the data available.

This way, action can be taken at key moments which can save or even improve crop quality.

Optimizing Resource Use

Several agricultural solutions from the IoT space are focused on optimal use of resources including land and energy and water. Since IoT farming leverages data collected from a large group of sensors, it’ll be easier to decide where to plant which crops. It’ll also be easier to allocate resources to the plants that need them. Already, this type of farming is being used in Ottawa and other provinces of Canada.

Cleaner Farming

While boosting profits for farmers, IoT applications for farming are also reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Since smarter farming already reduces the negative effects of pests and exhausted soil, cleaner farming will be possible. The runoff produced by dissolved nitrates and other chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers can be reduced. This approach will also foster a more organic final product compared to the traditional farming methods from the 20th century.

More Agile Farming

IoT applications in agriculture is also increasing the agility of the entire process. The real-time data and monitoring available allows farmers to respond to individual crop problems more quickly. Conditions like extreme weather and response systems can allow farmers to reduce losses significantly.

Better Products

Finally, all this results in a better crop at the end of the day. Smart farming will not only give farmers greater product to sell, but a better quality product to sell.

More Farming on a Smaller Land Area

The world’s population is predicted to swell to 10 billion by 2050. It’s no longer optional to grow products efficiently and optimally, it’s a need. IoT-based hydroponic systems and greenhouses can enable the food supply to be greatly increased.

Through IoT based setups, it’ll be possible to grow food in completely artificial environments everywhere. These will include inside supermarket aisles, and commercial buildings. There are already greenhouses and green skyscrapers implementing this technology.

Next Generation IoT Applications for Agriculture

IoT applications for agriculture
Drone’s view of a farm

Here are just some of the most exciting IoT technologies being used for 21st century farming today.

Drones for More Efficient Farming

Drones are being used for everything from deliveries to warfare these days. However, they also carry capacity for efficient farming. Drones can be used for pollination, pesticide dispersal, and overall monitoring of your farm.

The precision pesticide sprays carried out by drones don’t just save you money, but also keep crops cleaner.

Ag Vehicles for Smarter Farming

New Ag vehicles equipped with sensors to monitor ambient conditions, and computer vision are primed for intelligent farming. They’re also equipped with GPS and machine learning and automated driving, which means they can farm more efficiently with remote monitoring. While these machines still need operators, their operations can be learned by new recruits easily.

IoT-Based Ambience Control

IoT based farming also helps keep ambient conditions under control. For example, high temperatures can set off sprinklers to cool down plants. Cloudy days can set off lights to account for the low light that plants receive that day. Heaters can compensate for a particularly chilly day.

All this will help keep plants at optimal conditions in which they are known to grow best. This will in turn produce the best crops and the highest yields.

Automated Greenhouses

Finally, automated greenhouses are being implemented at a greater rate than ever before. In cold climates where growing certain crops was first deemed impossible, IoT has enabled it. Take the Netherlands; it was once a sparsely populated country with little agriculture. However, autonomous greenhouses have turned it into one of the largest vegetable exporters.

Through autonomous greenhouses and IoT ambience control, crops can be kept at optimal conditions year-round. This can enable greater crop production and better utilization of resources in areas where farming is scarce.

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