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Grow More high quality crops

FarmKit.IO provides an automation kit for small and medium-sized farms, enabling them to become more efficient, productive, and highly sustainable.

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Remote Crop Monitoring & Management

FarmKit.IO is a combination of wireless devices that can collect and send real-time data on soil moisture, temperature, and nutrients, together with a cloud software that enables the farmers to monitor soil condition, anticipate impacts of microclimates, and intervene with automated actions.

Using our easy to setup and implement devices, farmers can get accurate measures of soil condition at different locations in their farm and, as a result, manage their resources more efficiently and yield higher quality products.

In addition, users of the platform can program their entire system, such as the irrigation system, through our easy visual drag & drop programming engine, NoFlo.

The Farm of the Future

Use real-time data to automate your farm processes

The Values We Are Offering

Our Advantages

Optimized Productivity

Farms can yield more high quality products by implementing data-driven decisions.

Online Monitoring Dashboard

Raw Real-time and processed data are shown in a sophisticated online platform.

Simple Smart Devices

Long-lasting wireless devices that are easy to setup and manage.

Improved Water Conservation

Smart irrigation system helps farmers use water just right when needed.

Advanced Automation

Farmers can have full control over smart devices through our visual programming engine.

Reduced Resources Costs

Save your resources by removing guesswork from your processes.

Every Little Detail Matters

Prepare Ideal Growth Conditions for your crops

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