About Us


About Us

About FarmKit.IO

Smart Solutions for your farm

We are a team of engineers dedicated to design and implementation of technological solutions for optimizing farming operations and enabling small and medium-sized farms to become more sustainable and productive.

FarmKit.IO consists of smart probes, a central base station, and a sophisticated online software by which users can monitor soil conditions, anticipate impacts of microclimates, and intervene with automated decisions.

The probes, which work with long-lasting replaceable batteries and connect wirelessly to the base, measure soil properties such as moisture and temperature, and collect other data such as the amount of light, humidity, airflow, and temperature, and send the data to the base. The base which collects data from all probes in its network, sends the received data to the server.

Users can monitor the soil conditions on their online dashboard and can also program their entire system through our open-source NoFlo flow-programing engine.

Our Team

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    Seyed Iman Mokabberi

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    • Responsible for strategic direction of the company.
    • He is responsible for maintaining, developing and enhancing relationships and partnerships with diverse public and private stakeholders.
    • He is also in charge of developing and accomplishing short-term goals and long-term objectives that further the company's growth.
    • He has been commercial and product manager and deputy managing director at Sadat Mahan chemical Company since 2008.
    • He has associate degree of Computer Software Developer.
    • He has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and has proven ability to recognize and resolve discovered discrepancies.

      Habib Seifdar

      Chief Operating Officer (COO)

      • He is responsible to oversee day-to-day operations and processes.
      • He is a mechanical engineer by background, he has been running and growing his own textile business since 2007 prior to joining the team. His textile business is now running with minimal involvement in part due to the robust processes he put in place.
      • He has great leadership skill as well as executive management skills.

        Seyedaziz Rahimi

        Chief Engineer

        • Leads hardware initiatives.
        • He is the domain expert on how the tech is used in the field.
        • Aziz is an engineer by background and has over 15 year of experience in leading, planning and maintenance department of industrial plants.

          Arian Paykari

          Product Lead and Marketing

          • He is responsible for leading product development and overall platform architecture.
          • Tasked with building natural sponsorships and leading our marketing initiatives.
          • He is student of Bio-medical engineering and he has been learning and acquiring knowledge of the application of electrical engineering principles to biology, in this case plants and crops.
          • He has completed courses on marketing and sales.
          • He also has Farming License; besides, he has a passion and understanding in farming as his father runs a major farming business.
          • He has innovative problem-solving abilities.

            Behrooz Beyhaghi

            Chief Information Officer

            • He has leadership role and is the point person for government relations.
            • He is responsible for various administrative functions relating to budget management, procurement, training for the expansion.
            • He has been human resource manager and responsible for managing internal effectiveness an efficiency, managed human resources and infrastructure line of business and E-Gov intuitiveness.
            • He holds Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering majoring in Live-Stock Production.