Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Last Update February 2022

Farmkit makes a concerted effort to ensure that the personal data we process is secure and appropriately used, and that our data policies are transparent to our customers and data subjects.

The following types of personal data are collected, stored, used, and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy:

I Prospect data about potential customers, dealers, distributors, or visitors who visit or interact with our websites (such as and its subdomains depending on your location), apps, online ads and content, emails, or other communications under our control (collectively, the “Sites”), or attend events or webinars that we organise or participate in (collectively, “Prospects”).

User data about individual farmers or direct customers (“Users”) who use FarmKit’s digital farming and irrigation products or services, or its SaaS and/or e-commerce platforms and related solutions (collectively, the “Services”) either directly or through our authorised distributors who use our platforms to promote, sell, and distribute FarmKit’s Services (collectively, the “Services”).

Distributor data refers to dealers or distributors, as well as their authorised representatives (“Distributors”), who utilise or promote the Services on behalf of FarmKit in their interactions with Users.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure that you fully understand and agree to it.

You are not legally obligated to furnish us with any personal information, and you may do so (or not) at your discretion. We recommend that you avoid using our Services if you do not want to provide us with your personal data or have it processed by us or any of our service partners (as described in Section 5 below).

    Farmkit collects and processes information about our Prospects, Users, and Distributors (“you” or “your”). Such data is often gathered and created through automated means, directly from you, as a result of your connection with us or our Services; or through third-party services, social media, analytics / statistical tools, events we organise or attend, and other commercial efforts.
  • User information
    • Website usage data: user agent, IP addresses, device data (such as type, OS, device ID, browser version, locale and language settings used), location, connectivity data, activity logs, session recordings, and the cookies and pixels stored or used on a Prospect’s device;
    • Prospect account information: contact and business details, as well as any needs, preferences, attributes, and insights relevant to our potential clients, which may include the details of their internal focal persons who may be relevant for facilitating and managing the relationship between the Prospect and FarmKit, our communications with such Prospects and video recordings and transcriptions, and analyses thereof), and any needs, preferences, attributes, and insights relevant to our potential clients.
  • We and our hosting services use systems, apps, and procedures to protect your personal information and reduce the risk of theft, damage, loss, or unauthorised access or use. Although we make every effort to preserve your privacy and data, we cannot and do not guarantee the complete protection and security of any personal data held with us or with any third-parties.